American Villain: United Artistry

American Villain Presents: United Artistry LIVE

American Villain Presents: United Artistry Live.  Friday March 24th and Saturday March 25th. Anthology - Rochester, NY

A 2 Day Music | Fashion | Body Modification | Art extravaganza.

Scheduled to Perform: (in no particular order)
Sirens and Stilettos Cabaret, The Alpha Fire, The Silence Broken, Reps, Ovtlier, Vanity Strikes, Hate Grenade, Diluted, Murder in Rue Morgue, Plagues of Endeavor, Order of the Dead, THC, Unborn Society, Living in Daydreams, Rip Open the Sky, Aggressive Betty, Likewize, The Plague

MC'ed by Gorilla from 94.1 The Zone and Rick Horton from The Metallic Onslaught

JBRD, Rochester Entertainment, Cool Craniums, Rebel Heart Designs, The Upstate Tattoo Company, Metallurgy for the Birds, TCB Designs, Insidious Bones, The Land of Paradux, American Warrior Festival, I'm Going Out Online, Divine Chaos Tattoo, ROC City Roller Derby, and more...

Tickets Available:
Through all performing artists. Support them!

DAY1 (
DAY 2 (

American Villain (1868 East Main St Rochester)
JBRD (Greece Mall)
Upstate Tattoo Company (West Ridge Rd Rochester)

Accepting applications for vendors.
Email [email protected] for details.