NEW MUSIC: Critical - FREE Download

Hate Grenade - RELOAD EP - Recorded February 2014 - Today we celebrate the 5 year anniversary w/ the release of our single, "Critical."

Today we release "Critical" into the wild as part of our 5 year anniversary celebration for the RELOAD EP.  Critical was the 3rd song we ever wrote together as a band and was one of a few songs that was written for the RELOAD EP that never made the cut.  Simply put, we always loved the song and believed it could be better.  Fast forward 5 years later and we're proud to say it's finally ready for your ears! 

Please find below a FREE download of "Critical" for your listening pleasure.  We're going to be releasing this single on all major digital outlets in the coming days but while that process is working itself out - we thought we would suprise you with this gift... 

"Critical" is special to us musically; the song is symbolic of our roots, but also representative of where we are today as a band.  Please enjoy this download as our 'Thank You' to everyone who has supported us over the years; it's been a long road traveled and we're forever grateful to have you by our sides on this journey - THANK YOU! **Available until March 24th**

**FREE Download is no longer available.... "Critical" will be availabe for purchase on all major digital outlets including: iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby, etc. very soon**