New Music Video: Hollywood

The boys in Hate Grenade are absolutely stoked to share their newest music video with you, 'Hollywood'.  Released as a single in late 2021, the song was one of the band's favorites and it eventually found a home on the early 2023 release 'iSociety." The band wanted the video to capture the footage and LIVE energy from each of the venues during the iSociety Tour. Special thanks to Mongage Music Hall (Rochester, NY), McGarvey's Bar (Altoona, PA), Blue Fox Billiards (Winchester, VA), Scandals Live (VA Beach, VA), Soul Bar (Augusta, GA), Shagnasty's (Huntsville, AL), and Badger on Main (Lynchburg, VA) for sharing their amazing venues / cities with us.  Also a special shoutout to OMG Promotions for operating the camera!